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Our system solution with the central system MActor has been installed by about forty energy companies in Sweden. The system is also installed around Europe, among other in Poland, Germany, Hungary, and Romania.

Almost one million meters for electricity, district heating, water, and gas are in actual use in Sweden for collection of measurement data. They continuously report measurement data for billing, in most cases hourly data. Our projects have been based on different technical solutions with terminals communication via PLC or radio, or on external products that interface to the system via drivers. There are no obstacles to combining various technical solutions, as support for all technical solutions are in one and the same system: MActor.

Many energy companies link their billing and customer and network information systems with Mactor via different API interfaces, which gives access to stored data, or information for instantaneous processes and control. Our installations and projects have been made in different project forms, from total contracting to pure system deliveries. All our projects in Sweden which were linked to the law about AMR in Sweden were delivered and approved before the end of 2009.