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About Metrima

Metrima has a long history of collecting measurement values. Our history starts 1991 when MiLAB (Mätteknik i Linköping AB) was founded. During the next 25 years Metrima went through a number of turbulent changes - from independent company, to group member, back to independent company. Today Metrima is a focused and consolidated company with competent and knowledgeable employees. Our offices are located in Ebbepark, which is an office park targeted at high-tech companies in Linköping.

Between 2006 and 2010 we delivered almost fifty AMR-systems to utilities in Sweden and Europe. After the large-scale roll out of AMR for electricity meters was completed, our customers have extended their systems to include water, gas district heating and cooling. In the future we see an increased value of information through increased analysis and improved knowledge about the networks and their status.

Metrima's core business is delivering complete AMR-systems at competetive prices. Metrima sees itself as a meter-independent provider of systems tailored to the customer's needs. By selecting from different components, the customer can have the system they want.

Using our long experience we can provide one of the best solutions for communications and data-collection available today. Our central system MActor is the hub which controls the communication between the different system components.

Our concept for AMS-systems is to choose the form of communication infrastructure which is best suited to the demands at hand. In order to do this we integrate the products of leading producers as well as our own products.

Metrima's core focus for MActor is backwards compatability, modularity, integration, and openness. It is very important to us that existing products continue to be useable in our system when new products are added. We have continued support for products we delivered during the 1990s - many of which are still in use. Modularity, integration and openness means that our customers can choose the solutions which suit them best, irrespective if this is the meter or the invoicing software.

Metrima aims to have happy customers and satisfied suppliers. Our competent and dedicated employees fulfil the needs of our customers at competetive prices. We offer sale, delivery, support and service in Linköping. We aim to be at the cutting edge of development, with products and services which match the demands and expectations our customers have today and will have tomorrow.