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With MActor we have built the best bidirectional remote reading system for collection of measured data and communication with electricity, heating, gas, and water meters. MActor is built on open standards, which gives our customers a future-proof system with freedom of choice regarding meter manufacturer, as per the customer’s preference.

MActor can communicate with a wide range of apparatus. Metrima has implemented drivers for many meters. The bidirectional communication system uses several communication media to reach an optimal solution: IP/Ethernet, PLC, radio, cell radio, signal cable, GPRS/GSM.

MActor handles hour values, alarms, street lighting, tariff control, network supervision, energy optimisation, integration with billing systems, and much more.

MActor is Metrima’s AMR system which in different generations has been used in the Swedish market for more than 20 years. MActor has – with support from our customers and a strong and active users association – established itself as an effective, robust, and modern AMR motor in the Swedish market. Metrima’s leading themes for MActor are Backwards compatibility, Modularity, Integration, Openness, and Operations.